Product Review by Torqued Mag: Moonshine Videri Reflective Vest

by Douglas Larimer February 13, 2017

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The Moonshine Videri vest is definitely the most reflective and visible vest I’ve ever tried on, the great thing about the Videri vest unlike other reflective vest I’ve used is the amount of reflective material. Most performance vest I’ve tried don’t come close to this amount of reflective material, and as we all know, reflective material is the most expensive component to any high visibility protective clothing.

Not all reflective tape materials are created equal, some may glow or reflect only at short distances. Whereas higher quality reflective material such as the material used in the Videri vest can been seen from greater distances of 600′ and beyond. It is this type of quality Moonshine uses in their products that increases the safety for both the wearer of the vest as well as the passing motorist.

The quality in the material of this vest is amazing. Reflective material can be torn up easily even prior to its first washing, which the Videri is rated for up to 75 washes, this makes for the longevity of a normal reflective vest to be greatly diminished. The high quality material built into the Videri vest keeps it lasting much longer than other brands on the market.

I really enjoy using the Videri vest as it is both comfortable and easy to Velcro on. I’ve used reflective jackets in the past, and even though they are mesh they’ve felt bulky which sounds impossible but believe me, even mesh can feel bulky, so it’s nice that the Videri is light weight and nonrestrictive.

It literally feels like it’s not there, and that’s what you want in an reflective exercise vest. I really like that the vest doesn’t go down to my waist which gives me much better mobility when excercising, and that means a much more comfortable workout.

*Editors note: I want to extend a huge thank you to Angie Bean for her assistance in this review. Angie suffers from MS which affects millions of people globally, but despite this disease she still remains active in cycling with her husband Jason Bean, and is a true inspiration to us all. Please support the fight against MS by heading over to National MS Society or you can even follow Angie on her journey at Mixed Signals and thank you.

Douglas Larimer
Douglas Larimer


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