A Running Vest Designed For Safety

The Videri running vest was intentionally designed with protection as it’s primary purpose. With genuine safety in mind, we didn’t make design or material choices based on cost. Our decisions were influenced by proven ANSI/ISEA 107 design standards for high visibility protection. 

These standards are commonly found protecting workers along our nation’s roads. However designing a vest to meet these overall requirements, would not be practical for running or training for any length of time.

By using ANSI 107 materials and design principles as a guide, the vest is both practical and comfortable. While also increasing driver awareness during both day and nighttime conditions. These proven design principles provide true 360° visibility with rated retroreflective and background material around the entire vest. For a driver to safely react, you need to be seen from long distances and all directions. That’s why we didn’t limit the amount and placement of certified materials in our running vest design.