A Little Something About Us

Moonshine Performance Wear’s mission is to provide high visibility to athletes in training and those with active lifestyles. To provide safety at day or night for those who are running, cycling or walking during low light conditions.

Our priority is providing protection through our apparel design which is influenced by the same safety principles DOT Safety Engineers rely on to protect their workers. In other words, what’s safe for those who build our roads, should apply to people like you ­– who run, bike and walk near those same roads.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t expect you to train in a construction safety vest.  But the same proven science for high visibility safety apparel, will guide the design of all our future clothing lines. By strategically using highly effective materials, in the right amount and placement, we’ll offer you an effective solution that’s both functional and wearable.

So why us? From years of experience in HiViz Industrial Work Wear and a passion for endurance sports, we feel we know a little something about high visibility—a lot.  Also, an understanding of how you run, bike and train. We feel some apparel just comes up short in the amount of reflective for high visibility. It might seem that fluorescent fabrics with reflective design elements provide an adequate solution. However, not all material is created equal. The intent is good, but we aim to provide a real purpose instead of merely following a trend.  There is a real art to being seen in both low light or no light conditions. From distance, appropriate angles, motion, amount and balance of material, these all go into what we refer to as Vizsics. Short for the physics of visibility. 

For instance, our new reflective running vest. This running vest represents our objective in providing high visibility safety, while being simple and enhancing your current running or cycling clothing. The reflective running vest includes ANSI 107 rated reflective and fluorescent material. Three times more reflective than found in similar running vests. More fluorescent overall and a much denser fabric, limiting show through from base layers while allowing breathability. Also a big enough pocket for your phone, so you can enjoy your tunes on the run. All designed with the intention of safety from distances of beyond 600 feet and from all angles.

So, it really comes down to combining smart design with the science behind high visibility in all our future apparel. Principles that are already being used to protect workers across the nation, to you the athletes running, biking, walking and training across the country.  

We've got big plans. This is just a start, so stay in touch as we design and release future lines of high visibility apparel. Because whether it’s running at night, walking at night or biking at night, we’ll provide an effective solution, so you can train safely enroute to your goals.