Not All HiViz Materials Are Created Equal.

If you run or bike often, it can be a challenge to avoid being out on the road in low light or dark conditions.  At least starting or finishing a workout in less than ideal light. To say “Being Seen” is important, is an extreme understatement.  We know there are any number of high visibility vests or other options that to some degree enhance your visibility. But, we also assume the average athlete is un-aware of the science behind being seen?  Although we agree anything is a step in the right direction, we know that not all materials are created equal.

Based on the majority of what is available  today, if the apparel is fluorescent with some reflective that pops when snapping a picture – you must be good to go. But if you are competing for a driver’s attention, you need to hedge your bet.    Unfortunately, there are no laws or standards dictating high visibility protection for runners or cyclists.  A manufacturer can literally use any fluorescent fabric or shiny pseudo reflective material and call it high visibility. There are HiViz material and design requirements used to protect road maintenance and construction workers. Considering the risks, our feeling is why not use the same proven technology DOT Safety Engineers depend on to protect the people who maintain the same roads we run, bike and train on?  The challenge is making something highly protective but practical for endurance sports.

ANSI/ISEA 107 is the high visibility material standard used for more than 15 years to protect road workers exposed to vehicle hazards.  Materials certified to meet ANSI107 are engineered specifically to achieve the greatest degree of HiViz protection practical for wearable apparel.  Moonshine Performance Wear’s Videri vest only uses fluorescent fabric, retroreflective tape, and design rationale that meets ANSI/ISEA 107. While also being designed for rigorous endurance activity and not at an exuberant cost.

The Videri vest provides the greatest degree of protection and the longest life available for a for a high visibility running vest. We know we’re not the only vest out there, but we designed ours with a purpose – protection and performance! Likewise, we’re not the least expensive vest out there, but safety shouldn’t be based on price either.

ANSI/ISEA 107 Rated Material

There are 3 primary factors to consider when making HiViz protection with ANSI/ISEA 107 rated materials – Background Material, Reflective Material and Design.


    Just because it's bright doesn't mean it provides the most protection. Our Videri vest uses ANSI/ISEA 107 rated background material. Reducing show through of base layers for maximum high visibility, while allowing breathability. 

    Both materials may be equally bright, but only genuine HiViz material allows the least amount of material to show through behind the vest. 


    Reflective power - is a function of tape quality. 3M is the gold standard and there is no better retroreflective material, inch for inch, when it comes to returning light back to it’s source. Because, the greater the distance you are seen from, the sooner a driver has time to to react. Solid tape doesn't breath, but by using 3M Comfort Brite segmented tape, this allows the vest to be much cooler.

     Durability - Do you ever wash your workout gear? Our tape is rated for 75 home washes. To be “rated” for 75 washes means the tape’s retroreflective properties are not even tested until after being washed 75 times. This is important because washing the vest causes abrasion on the tape, which over time, removes the glass beads. Fewer glass beads means less light reflected back to it’s source. The use of materials rated for ANSI/ISEA 107 insures the maximum protection factor for both Day & Night conditions and as long as possible.


    To use an old cliché, “How do you attack a fort?”  From all sides. The only way to ensure you are seen from all directions, is to encircle the entire vest with reflective tape.