Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  If the vest you order is defective or doesn't fit we will exchange it. Contact us with the original order #, then simply return it to the address on the Contact page, and we'll send you a code to order another one at no cost.


Q:  What makes your running vest different?

A:  There are three things: 1) The amount of square inches and placement of Retroreflective material provided for visibility at greater distances. 2) The dense mesh pattern of fluorescent material will be seen from much greater distances. 3) The range of sizes available. Being available in 4 sizes assures you can order the correct size.


Q:  What's better for High Visibility, fluorescent or reflective?

A:  It really depends on the light conditions of the day. Fluorescent material is critical for daylight & low light conditions but is of no benefit at night. That's why a significant amount of Retroreflective attributes are critical during no light conditions. 


Q:  Can I get your apparel in stores? 

A:  Unfortunately not at this time. We're an online only retailer only. But if things go really well we might consider it in the future. 


Q:  Do you make sizes for kids? 

A:  Not yet, but that's a darn good idea. Hopefully real soon. But our S1 size, would likely fit boys and girls, middle school on up, as it is designed to fit petite women. 


Q:  I want to carry the Videri vest in my store. Do you sell wholesale?

A:  We don't sell wholesale to brick and mortar or other online retailers at this time. But we may consider it in the future. 


Q:  Can we buy in bulk quantities for our organization?

A:  Sure, currently we have quantity breaks at 6 and 12 item quantities. If your a team or club, we'll even customize the vest with your team logo. Although there is a discount for quantity breaks, applying the logo will be an additional cost. Our order page for large quantity orders and logo customization is currently under development, but should be available soon. For now, you can submit your requests for quantities of over 6 & 12 to info@trainwithmoonshine.com


Q:  What is Conspicuity?

A:  The characteristics of an object influencing the probability that it will come to the attention of an observer, especially in a complex environment which has competing objects. 


Q:  Why “ANSI 107” rated material important?

A:  Materials rated to meet ANSI 107 are engineered to meet proven performance characteristics established for industrial traffic hazards. This insures greatest degree of protection possible. 


Q:  What is the difference between ANSI 107 rated material and ANSI 107 rated “design”?

A: Utilizing ANSI 107 design requirements maximizes the ability to be seen from all directions and result in the use of more fluorescent & reflective materials - increasing both day & night time conspicuity.  


Q:  What is Retroreflectivity?

A:  Retroreflectivity is a materials ability to reflect light directly back to the source.


Q:  Why is the reflective tape segmented?

A:  To maximize retroreflectivity while still being comfortable & breathable on long or hot runs. 


Q:  How far can I be seen from at night wearing this vest?

A:  We use the most fluorescent and retroreflective material appropriate for a vest of this kind. But it depends, anyone who makes a specific distance claim will not be accurate unless they factor in actual conditions. For instance, age of driver, time of day, and weather will all impact the distance you will be seen from. However, we've designed this vest to be seen from great distances. From a history in HiViz, our distance claim is being responsible, knowing the many factors involved in driver awareness. 



Q:  Is High Visibility only important at Night?

A:  Being seen is always important. High visibility from retroreflective tape is critical at night. High visibility from fluorescent material is hugely beneficial during the day. The fluorescent color is so "unnatural" it catches a driver's attention quicker while allowing you to be seen further out in someone's peripheral vision. 


Q:  What Size do I want?

A:  Because our vests are uni-sex and multi-size it is best to review our sizing guide found here.


Q:  How Long will the vest be reflective for? 

A:  Our reflective tape is rated for 75 home washes. To be “rated” for 75 washes means the tape’s retroreflective properties are not even tested until after being washed 75 times. This is important because washing the vest causes abrasion on the tape, which over time, removes the glass beads. Fewer glass beads means less light reflected back to it’s source.


Q:  Can I get a vest with our team logo? 

A:  Yes, we will be providing that option for teams and clubs. An additional cost may apply, and will depend on a number of factors. Whether it's printed in color, how many logos you need printed, and how many sides on the vests you'd like to have printed. Please contact us so we can get you an estimate. Soon we will have our customization ordering page available.