High Visibility Fluorescent Background Material

Background material is the fluorescent material which provides contrast against an ambient background when light is present. It is the key component to increase day time visibility.

Just because a material is bright, doesn’t mean it provides the most protection. Our Videri vest uses ANSI/ISEA 107 rated background material. These materials are certified to achieve the greatest degree of high visibility for wearable apparel.

By using only rated fluorescent material, the Videri vest reduces the amount of show through of base layers with a much denser mesh. This makes the fluorescent background highly effective while being extremely breathable.

Both materials may be equally bright, but only genuine high visibility material allows the least amount of material to show through behind the vest. 
In comparison to one of the leading running vests of it’s kind, the Videri vest provides 2X as much background material coverage and a far denser mesh. The result is, extremely effective high visibility in shadows and from greater distances during daytime conditions.