Powerful & Durable Reflective Material

The Videri vest has 138" square inches of powerful segmented reflective fully encircling the vest. That's almost 3X more than the leading running vest of it's kind.  

Reflective power is a function of tape quality. 3M Scotchlite is the gold standard and there is no better retroreflective material, inch for inch, when it comes to returning light back to it’s source. Because, the greater the distance you are seen from, the sooner a driver has time to to react. Solid tape doesn't breath, but by using segmented tape, this allows the vest to be much cooler.

Do you ever wash your workout gear? Our tape has a durability rating for 75 home washes. To be “rated” for 75 washes means the tape’s retroreflective properties are not even tested until after being washed 75 times. This is important because washing the vest causes abrasion on the tape, which over time, removes the glass beads. Fewer glass beads means less light reflected back to it’s source. The use of materials rated for ANSI/ISEA 107 insures the maximum protection factor for both Day & Night conditions and as long as possible.